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Gal fashionable women's public morals police tactics that are also in Iran

Muslim women feature personality | Dress fashion love And say Iranian women's fashion, I think we think of the appearance that a lot of people covering the whole body dressed in black, the hair in the scarf. At least in the capital Tehran, it's a minority rather. All dressed in black [Official] Based on the teachings of Islam in Iran, exposure of the skin is NG. Men shorts is prohibited. Women to hide the hair, not be allowed out of the line of the body has been determined by law. If torn crime. Also it says that there be imposed whiplash of punishment. Conforming to the rules, clothes to cover comfortably the whole body with a piece of cloth from the head, referred to as [Chadoru]. However, this is an official-looking. The analogy in Japan is like wearing a suit or tuxedo. Iran women us to the eyes, led by politicians, most of it is a public figure. Therefore impression of Chadoru will be really strong. In law, there is no provision for clothes of colors and shapes. Many women, there is a limited range, but enjoy the fashionable. There are no statistics, and say in my dogmatism and prejudice to become th year living in Iran, women are wearing the Chadoru in the capital Tehran, half also estimates more or less.

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