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Muslim women feature personality | Dress fashion love The beginning of the 20th century, the fashion that incorporates the Orientalism has attracted attention in the design surface. And it is also the era release change of woman fashion, such as from the corset has occurred. Also it is this era of brand and perfume are combined. Orientalism Orientalism is the current Middle East (the Islamic world), India, collectively the east of Europe], such as China, crafts, fine arts, a variety of culture, such as literature, incorporated into those of the European movement. Western, it refers to the longing and curiosity nestled against things customs of different civilization not in Western Europe. In the 20th century beginning of the (0 century before and after), is said to style influenced from the Orient countries was popular among the upper classes, it is also said that the opportunity to spread there is no style corset. Why Orient? Once you have aggregated in a word, century before the world's center to the east than in Europe, because there has been a hegemony.

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