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Exotic charm! I want to know about the national costumes of Dubai!

Muslim women feature personality | Dress fashion love Dubai ethnic costumes, women of black color that covers the whole body Abaya, man is Kandura the whole body is in white-collar. Dubai people is often to live wearing a national costume, you may see widely, even in the city. The extent!? National costume figure seen occasionally in Dubai Man if long white skirt of the turban clothes, women cloth cover comfortably the face, strong image of the Middle East that. Dubai is one of the central countries, in fact, accounted for the majority foreign workers was the main axis of the India Pakistan-based, is to cut the whole of the split when it comes to genuine in Dubai who is the actual situation. The views of the city, including tourists, rough couture is generous. But, still to match in the city of Dubai, it is a folk costume appearance, which is also the tradition of old. Somewhere mysterious chic, we will introduce profound charm of Dubai's national costume. The women of ethnic costume [Abaya]? Dubai women wear traditional costumes [Abaya] is the black costume in the shape, such as a cloak to cover comfortably the body.

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