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This dress of Okinawa trip! It explains the point of the features ...

Muslim women feature personality | Dress fashion love But want to advance the preparation of the trip to Okinawa, than many people from the mainland're wondering how do I what kind of dress in Okinawa is a large temperature difference? In this study, we introduce a point of seasonal clothing after being based on the temperature of Okinawa. In addition, please refer also to introduce the item you want to bring to travel Okinawa! Okinawa temperature of the year? Popular Okinawa as warm resort belongs to the subtropical climate, there is a feature that rainfall often in hot and humid. It may be many people have an image to say [so hot], but in fact hot summer day more than Celsius is small, and also the day the summer the temperature than the Tokyo and Osaka is low. Okinawa is a small temperature difference for each season, but it is hard area to feel the four seasons, that's why you can feel the four seasons, such as through a variety of events that are held every season.

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