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[Oman security] [Middle East of Japan] Oman is stable country of security!

Muslim women feature personality | Dress fashion love Oman, except that the Islamic countries but is unfamiliar country, in the Middle East is extremely small country that can safely travel, Oman is a stable country of security. Pro-Japanese countries Oman is also looking to [Japan of the Middle East], the city's urban areas is not a dangerous atmosphere even though walking in the clean. In addition, because the country in which Islamic habits and discipline has been strictly enforced, it is very important to respect it. We will touch on the security and customs and taboos of such Oman. About. Religious habits and taboos There are many different religions in the world. For the pious believers, the behavior of tourists who ignore the religious customs and taboo because the term is often regarded as an insult, let's know before visiting a tourist. Or across the front of the people who are praying, that stepping on the rug is taboo. Since the Oman Islamic world as such as pork and drinks are prohibited, during the stay Avoid those of ingestion.

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