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Fashion of the veil and the Transformation of religious discourse ...

Muslim women feature personality | Dress fashion love Conditions of the veil I heard that [Muslim women of the veil], What kind would come to mind. Chador of black Iran? Burqa in Afghanistan, such as the tent? Egypt of the two curves, such as the mole of the costumes? In any case, the fashionable and trendy is just what Endo likely. That should be it, Muslim women of the veil, fashionable and is because he has been said to be clothed in the exact opposite of the purpose. For example, one of the prominent religious scholars of Egypt, Muhammad Hatton Concern (-) is this mentioned at the beginning of the sermon entitled "Muslim women of the veil" (). [Islam aims to build a virtuous society. In other words, a society (marriage outside of between men and women) that sexual desire is Wakiokoru and, there is no any way caused impulse. ...... bare flesh, ornate was beauty, exciting smell, meaning a hair line-of-sight, Squiggle and was walking. These are all stimulate the libido, with the fire of temptation, make tilting the desire. ...... That's why, in the Muslim against Muslim women, forbidden to prettify themselves, it had imposed the wearing of the veil.

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